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Coursera's mission to provide education for everyone has recently taken a big step: the Coursera mobile app is available on iPhone and iPad (iOS 7 only), Kindle Fire, and Android (4.0+) devices and supports lecture viewing, completion of some assignments, and more.

We hope you'll find it useful to be able to supplement your web Coursera experience with the mobile app. Read on for frequently asked questions, or review our video overview. Enjoy learning without limits!

General Information
Using the App


General Information

Where can I download the Coursera mobile app?
The app is available through the App Store and Google Play. The Kindle Fire app (which does not support completing assignments) is available via Amazon.

What platforms can I use the Coursera mobile app on?
The Coursera Mobile App is currently available on iPhone and iPad (iOS 7 only), Android (4.0+) devices, and Kindle Fire. Check the Coursera Blog or follow us on Twitter (@Coursera) for future release information!

What can I do on the Coursera mobile app?
You can watch lecture videos, view course material (such as the syllabus or recommended readings), complete assignments (on iOS and Android), and browse information about upcoming courses on the mobile app.  Please note that some assignments, such as peer assessments, cannot be completed on the mobile app.  In courses with peer assessment or forum-based assignments, you will need to complete the course using the full version of Coursera on the web to receive full credit.

I'm taking a course on Signature Track; can I verify my coursework through the app?
You can verify your work on the Coursera App for iPhone and iPad (and soon, Android).  Note that peer assessment verification isn't yet supported. Please complete peer-graded assignments on a desktop or laptop.

Can I do in-video quizzes on the mobile app?
In some courses you'll be able to complete in-video quizzes, depending on which version of the quizzes your instructor uses.

Is the Coursera mobile app free?
Yes!  The app is completely free, though data costs incurred by accessing the app’s content are the user’s responsibility.

I’m an on-campus student taking a private Coursera course through my university.  Can I use the app?
Not yet--courses that aren’t on public Coursera accounts (such as those accessed through university-specific subdomains such as aren’t available on the Coursera mobile app.  We hope we’ll be able to expand our scope soon!

Using the App

How can I download lectures for offline viewing on the Coursera mobile app?
It’s easy!  Just click the down arrow next to video titles to download individual videos for offline viewing. On your iPhone or iPad, the download icon at the top of the screen will allow you to download all the videos on that page at once.

On your Android device, top the tap right of the screen to download all videos on a page.
download all screenshot

Can I turn off the Coursera mobile app’s cellular access on my iPhone to avoid heavy data usage?
Yes!  On your iPad or iPhone, please visit the iOS settings page (Settings -> Cellular) and toggle the Coursera app on/off to grant permissions to use cellular data.
On Android, visit Settings -> Data usage and select the Coursera app, where you’ll be able to restrict background data.
data settings screenshot

How do I delete downloaded videos?
On iPad or iPhone, you can delete a downloaded video by tapping the grey checkmark icon next to the name of a downloaded video. You can also delete all downloaded videos by signing out from the "Settings" tab.  On an Android device, swipe left and choose "My Downloads" to view your download manager. Tap the "x" icon after the lecture title to delete it.

How do I un-enroll from a course?
On your iPhone or iPad, you can un-enroll from a course in the My Courses tab by swiping the course to the left.  Then tap on the "Un-enroll" action.

On your Android device, tap the overflow icon to the right of a course title, then choose "Leave Session" to un-enroll.
unenroll screenshot


I get an "unauthorized" error when I try to do some things within the iOS app.
If you see this error, please sign out of the app (from the "Settings" tab) and sign back in and the error will go away.

I can't sign in on the Coursera mobile app. What should I do?
Please try logging in through the web, where you’ll be able to request a password reset and notify us if your problem persists.