Student Support Center

What are Community TAs?

Community Teaching Assistants are student volunteers who have done exceptionally well in one iteration of a course (as measured by academic performance and forum participation) and are then invited back by Coursera to help out the next time the course is taught. Community TAs monitor the course forums, and answer specific questions about the course topics as well as general questions about the Coursera platform.

Not all courses currently have Community TAs, but if your course does, keep an eye out for them in the forums and take advantage of their knowledge! And be sure to thank them for sharing their time and energy to help make Coursera great.

Want to help out as a Community TA?

Helping coach other students is one of the best ways to learn, and being a Community TA is often a great way to gain a deeper understanding of the material while simultaneously improving the Coursera experience for other students. If you're a top student in one of your classes and you're already actively helping others in the course forums, you might hear from us with an invitation to fill this role!